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Welcome to the Blog set up for Emily McRae! Emily's serving the Lord in the Washington, Tacoma mission. She set sail to the Missionary Training Center February 24th 2010. She will be in the Tacoma area for 18 months. This blog is updated and maintianed by one Molly McRae. The blog should display letters and photos of Emily while she is serving the Lord along with a quick update about transfers and mission companions. Hopefully the blog can keep you tied over until Emily is back to entertain once more.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The First transfer. . . Already?!

So, I got transferred this last week. I was only in Sequim for a second it seemed like and then a sister that was here from Temple Square went back so I was put with another sister in Gig Harbor. I've been here for. . . 4 days now? I did not want to leave Sequim. President promised to get me back in Sequim before my mission is over. My new companion is Sister Burgess from St. George, UT. She's really nice, but she's only been out for 9 weeks and I've only been out for 3 weeks so we both are kind of confused about what we are supposed to do.
Gig Harbor is alot harder to serve in, I can already tell. Everyone here is really rich and they are young and prideful. The members are nice, but they are all busy with their kids and vacations and such. Apparently they are good at pointing out the people who aren't LDS but aren't good at sharing the gospel with them . . . ugg. I have a feeling that the work here is going to be so hard without the support of the members like we had in Sequim. Therefore, we don't have very many people to teach and the ones we are teaching can't get baptized until they are 18.
Don't worry, I'm not homesick yet, but it really just isn't very busy here. Plus, to make it worse, some of the investigators that we taught in Sequim who were on date for the 18th are getting baptized on the 11th. It's Nicole and Ashley. There dad hadn't been to church in, like, 30 years and was a heavy smoker. But he quit smoking and is doing alot better now so that he can baptize them! I'm so happy for them, but I don't get to be there for it. Jennifer and Israel are another coulpe we were teaching when I left and they were awesome! They're still on date for the 18th. There are so many miracles always happening in Sequim. I hope you guys can all see those kinds of miracles where you live. Keep up the missionary work!
I did get to watch confrence. I loved all of it. We watched all 4 sessions at the church. I always love Elder Hollands talks; he never ceases to amaze me with his bold talks. Elder Packer's talk was also very good. It was perfect for one of our investigators who won't let his son get baptized until he is 18. This dad, Br. Groves, was baptized when he was 18 but then went inactive shortly after because of a divorce. He needs to feel the power of the priesthood in his life again; it is such a powerful tool! It's something I enjoy sharing with people when tracting. While tracting, I've really had to work on being more bold with people and when it comes to sharing those things of the gospel that make it unique and what blessings can come from living it. Anyway, I love you all so much!

- Sister Emily McRae

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