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Welcome to the Blog set up for Emily McRae! Emily's serving the Lord in the Washington, Tacoma mission. She set sail to the Missionary Training Center February 24th 2010. She will be in the Tacoma area for 18 months. This blog is updated and maintianed by one Molly McRae. The blog should display letters and photos of Emily while she is serving the Lord along with a quick update about transfers and mission companions. Hopefully the blog can keep you tied over until Emily is back to entertain once more.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

So, I have a new companion as of last monday. Her name is Sister Allison Laws from Fairfield, California. She's really nice and plays the piano. Of course, I had a hard time getting used to her, but what I am still learning and have to keep telling myself is that if we don't talk about what is bothering from the start, there is going to be alot of tension. So, I finally told her that I thought she was judging me, thinking that I didn't work hard enough and that was really bothering me. It's been better since then. I've been alot happier.
Well, we've had a couple of REALLY nice days here in Gig Harbor, so on Saturday, my companion and I went out and pulled weeds and then we went tracting in a neighborhood with no trees. I got sooo burnt. Then, on Monday, we played football and played in the backyard and it was sooo sunny. Loved it. Got a 'lil more burnt. Haha, need to get some sunscreen I guess.
Well, we have been teaching this one lady for the last month or so and when we first tracted into her, she said we could come back because she was friends with some members. Then we went back and gave her a pamphlet and she agreed to take the lessons, mostly for knowledge sake. So, we taught the rest and she says it really has been making a lot of sense and she's agreed to come to church and take a church tour! So great! We are going to commit her to baptism on the church tour and I just feel really good about the whole thing. We had Kathleen, another investigator, on date, but she didn't come to church this past sunday and she fell off date. So frustrating. But it was only because she wasn't back from California yet, not necessarily because she didn't want to come. So, please pray for those two!!!
LOve you!!!
-Sister McRae

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  1. Awesome to hear the update. I will keep the two sisters in my prayers. You are so wise to talk to your comp instead of let things fester.