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Welcome to the Blog set up for Emily McRae! Emily's serving the Lord in the Washington, Tacoma mission. She set sail to the Missionary Training Center February 24th 2010. She will be in the Tacoma area for 18 months. This blog is updated and maintianed by one Molly McRae. The blog should display letters and photos of Emily while she is serving the Lord along with a quick update about transfers and mission companions. Hopefully the blog can keep you tied over until Emily is back to entertain once more.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Things Are Still Going Good :)

First, to get you updated on Richard the investigator.
The first we hear about Richard is this:
So, we met our miracle Richard a few weeks ago and we have been able to continue to teach him and yesterday he went to church even without his fellowship. He even stayed for all three meetings!!! We think he might chew tobacco and that is a scary challenge for me because I've never taught someone that had to give up an addiction who wasn't already a member.
Then the next week we hear this:
Well I don't know if I told you, but our investigator Richard, when we found him, had a crazy mustache. So we always commented on it cause it was just the wierdest stache we had ever seen. This last meeting we had with him, we talked about him getting baptized in the Carbon River, cause that's what he requested, and we said jokingly "Haha, what if you get a hook stuck on your stache?!" And he said, "I'm gonna cut it off!" So, Sunday rolled around and his mustache was gone! Oh man, I felt terrible. He takes everything to heart! On a more positive note, he learned about the word of wisdom last week in sunday school and then at our discussion on thursday, he said he had already started to quit. We were really proud of him. He says that he thinks it's going to be easy to quit because of his faith in Christ. He's so cool. He'll be baptized this weekend.
Then in a card she sent this last week, she also sent a program from Richard's baptism, her first baptism where she got to see an investigator all the way through; she and her companion found him, taught him, and were there at his baptism. So awesome, right?
Anyway, here's this week's news:
Okay, so we are doing really well up here! The weather is getting wetter but it's really not that cold. It's only rough because I never hear the end of it from my companion.While it's raining up here, I can't help but think it would be snowing in Utah. I miss the snow already!
So, I have people tell me all the time about their vices. You know, the kind that keep them from coming to church and all I say to them is "hey man, I'm a missionary. I don't care what you do as long as you come to church!" Coming to church is the best way for them to feel the spirit enough to get the motivation to make changes. I know the power of a dedicated building is so great.
Okay, that's all I can think of. Love you and thanks for your prayers!
-Sister Emily McRae

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